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Herbert Lazerow

I'm looking for some ideas on how to find out where a relative might have
attended medical school. ...
The family moved to Fall River, Massachusetts, and can be found there
in the 1880 census. Emanuel is there >from 1880-1940 in census records. ...
Now, the question: we find Emanuel listed in the city directory for
Fall River in 1895 and 1896 and later listed as a physician (but not
as a member of the Massacusetts Medical Society); in 1894 he is listed
as a "student," so presumably not yet a doctor. Emanuel died 05 Jul
1951 in Fall River, and is buried there. Where did he attend medical school?

My cousin and I are also trying to determine if he married anyone else or
fathered another child with someone else.>
Two ways to discover his medical school. There is a nationwide physician's
directory, multi-volume, published yearly, that provides a professional
biography of each physician. Your local medical school library might have
saved copies going back to the 1940s when your relative was still practicing.
If not, it might be able to get a copy of your relative's bio by interlibrary

Alternatively, the American Medical Association in Chicago has records of
deceased members. Their records should have that information.

Since he is in Massachusetts for every census 1880-1940 and he died there, it
is logical to assume that your relative lived most of his life there. If he
had another wife, they may or may not have been married there, but the odds
are very strong that any children were born there. Unless the wife went home
to have the child under the loving supervision of her mother, which sometimes
occurs. If you do not find another wife or child in the records at the
Massachusetts State Archives (for records more than 90 years old) or at the
Vital Records Registry for more recent events, it is probably safe to assume
that there was no other spouse or legitimate child in the absence of evidence
to the contrary.

As to the possibility of a child conceived through extra-curricular activities,
the only way to find such offspring is through dna testing and good luck (unless
mom's memoirs named names).

Herbert Lazerow

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