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Dear Genners,
My late father in law Gershon/Gerszon TEICHER was born on January 6th 1908
in a small village near Zablotow/Zablotiv then Poland today in Ukraine called

On November 1937 he married Leie/Leje/Leah SZUBER/SCHUBER daughter of
Gerszon/Gershon SZUBER/SCHUBER and Channa Schuber born in the nearby village
Gwozdziec the couple married there.

Last summer, after researching Gesher Galicia data base and JRI Poland, and
before the International Conference in Warsaw, I saw the record in Przemsl
national Archive.

The copy is with me.

When WW2 started, my father in law was called to the Polish army. He escaped
until he arrived in Tashkent, Bukhara.

There, he met and married his 2nd wife, my late mother in law, who escaped
from Rovno.
I wonder - if he had a child >from Leah/Leje his first wife.
The Przemysl archive could not answer me.
I know that was in both villages a mass killing during the holocaust.

**But even though - **
How do I start looking in order to trace/look for if there was a baby, and
if so, did he/she survive?
where are they?
This child might be a brother/sister to my husband and his sister.

Most thankful,
Leah Teicher

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