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A Stone

Viewmate thank you
I have been working on a project since 2012 when I took my first Jewishgen
genealogy class. The last of my records and documents were submitted this
week for Hungarian translations through Viewmate.

There are just not words to express the thanks to the volunteers that
translate records for me. The detail, clues, and knowledge is outstanding.
The value they have giving me and my extended family is unbelievable. There
are so familiar with abbreviations in records, towns, occupations and pure
history. History that does not make sense in the way we think today but
they know their stuff and they share their knowledge. I am beyond grateful
for their gifts and the gift they give to every person that summits a
record. Of course, I have thanked them a lot but it's just not enough and I
wanted to share with the whole organization the impact this site has and
give my thanks.

My descendants' book is 590 pages to be shared with so many. There is a
credit put in it recognizing Viewmate and its volunteers.

Thank you is not enough!

April Stone

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