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Eva ,

I might offer some general suggestion, but I believe that it will eventually
lead you to the right Archives in Poland.

Recently completed Polish Artchives website provides full information on all
depositories through Poland. It is now available in English and it's
location is at:

Probabaly this very informative indeed website was established as the
response to the genealogical data demands. All central and regional Archives
are identified and street addresses, current fax and pnone numbers are also
included. It also provide information for genealogical researchers regarding
decentralized policy of the archves and other matters. All in English.

I am not certain that you will identify location of the Repatriants Archives
on those pages. But since all the State Archives are the under the
jurisdiction of the Poland's Ministry of Culture, I would suggest to
approach Dr. Daria Nalecz, the Managing Director of the State Archives,
offices to direct you to the right location. You might call or write to her
directly for assistance, she probbaly even have an email address.

Repatriation data should be be in my opinion stored in the Archives of the
Ministry of Interior, since they were responsible for the issuance of the
domestic passports (ID), populace movements registration and evidence. This
information is based on my own experience since my family was also
repatriated (second post WWII wave) in mid 50 ies to Poland >from USSR.

Most probabaly that those Archives are also under the supervision of the
Naczelna Dyrekcja Archiwów Panstwowych (NDAP) or State Archves authorities
in Warsaw.

Please let us known your search results.

Peter Jassem was definitely correct when he directed you to the Jewish
Historical Institute (ZIH) Archives in Warsaw, since ZIH depositories
include archives of Centralny Komitet Zydow Polskich (CKZP), the Central
Committee of Polish Jews. All Jews repatriated >from USSR to Poland were
registered with CKZP in search for their lost relatives, and to receive via
CKZP assistance provided by AJDC (American Joint Distribution Committee) and
HIAS (Hebrew Sheltering and Immigration Aid Society) organizations. Archives
of CKZP and its successor, TSKZ are deposited at ZIH.

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Alberta

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I am looking for the special archive in Warszawa with documents
about the repatriants returning >from the USSR and wonder where exactly
this archive is located (My original message January 25th)
Peter Jaseem kindly directed me to the Jewish Historical Institute
(Zydowski Instytut Historyczny) in Warsaw.
This is NOT the archive I am looking for. I am looking for a general
Polish archive for ALL repatriants - Jewish and Christian Poles.
Any good suggestions?

Eva Floersheim
Shadmot Dvorah

Researching in Galicia:
WEINRATH, Lubaczow,Rava Ruska
SANDAK, Lviv(?)
SEIFERT, Lviv(?), Krakow(?)

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