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Detailed accounts of the separation, suffering and survival of
individual families, compiled mainly for the benefit of their
descendents, can often shed light on the day-to-day lives of those
around them and, as a result, prove to be of wider potential interest.
The story of the Gluck family >from Huszt in Sub-Carpathia follows the
lives of the twelve children of Baruch Gluck and Sara Berkovic and, in
so doing, encompasses an extraordinary variety of experiences.

These range >from the formation of the Free Czechoslovak Army in the
south of France and its evacuation to Britain, 'illegal' immigration
to Palestine, the sinking of the "Patria" in Haifa and imprisonment
for four years in Mauritius, the fight for survival in a Hungarian
Labour Battalion, life in the Budapest ghetto and a labour camp on an
island in the Danube, deportations to Auschwitz, selection for factory
work at Reichenbach, followed by a 'death march' and eventual rescue
in Sweden. The story concludes with the survivors reunited in the DP
camp and their early years in Israel.

It also includes an extensive range of family photographs, the
survival of which, given the circumstances, is quite remarkable.

Thanks to the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC, it is
available online at

Throughout the past eighteen years, the assistance and support of
countless Discussion Group and SIG members has been invaluable and I
am indebted to everyone who has provided information and advice. Thank

John Berkeley (previously Berkovic)
Warwick, UK

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