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My wife's great great grandmother named, Rivka/Ruth/Rebecca Chodakowska
immigrated to US >from Stuttgart through Ellis Island to Baltimore enroute
to Toledo, OH on Aug 14,1895

She had a son in Toledo Morris (Moshe) Chodak born around 1875 who left
Hamburg to London to NY on 6/23/1892 who at some point changed name to
Wise and then Weiss.

In Jan 1901, he married Rose Wise/Weiss (hence the name change??) in St
Louis, MO and eventually finally settled in El Paso, Texas

We never heard about Rivka after she landed in US

There is a Rebecca Charkievsky born 1850, widowed, who died in Toledo on
8/28/1895 and buried in Beth Shalom Cemetery, Oregon Township, just outside
of Toledo

This really seems like it is her, but
1. name is totally different
2. can't find her grave listed anywhere (she could have been buried in
Pauper's grave)
3. can't find death record

Any suggestions/help >from all of you incredibly helpful and knowledgeable

Ron Kaminker

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