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Peter Wollinski

Dear Sir / Madam
It will be appreciated if an explanation can be provided for the
following family situation, as I have been unable to find documents in
the archives to explain it.

My great grandfather Wolff Wolinski married Feigelche Elias in 1879 in
Wronki Poland - per their civil marriage record.

However Vital records reveal that between 1880 and 1888, Wolff had
fathered 4 children. The same documents show that Pauline Elias was
the mother of all these children and not Feigelche. All the children
were born in Lekno which is a small village within Wagrowiec county
and close to Poznan Poland.

Other documents reveal that Pauline (born 1848) was the younger sister
of Feigelche (Born 1847).

Pauline died in Berlin in 1941 and is buried in Weissensee.

One possible explanation may be that the younger sister (Pauline) had
taken the place of her older sister (Feigelche) as the latter had
passed away soon after the marriage.

However, the archives in Pila have advised that they have not been
able to find documents which show the death of Feigelche or the
marriage of Wollf to Pauline.

Does any one have another possible explanation, or was this a custom
at the time?

Does anyone know if it was mandatory to register with the Civil
authorities all deaths and marriages at that time for the above
circumstances? Perhaps only the Jewish authorities were advised. If
this was the case than unfortunately these records would no longer
exist as a result of Nazi atrocities.

Is there somewhere else where I may be able to search for a
documentary explanation?

The other interesting observation of the documentation is that the
spelling of the surname changed >from Wolinski (recorded on the
marraige certificate to Wollinski (recorded on all documents since the
marraige). Perhaps the name change was a result of Germanization. The
family did leave the Poznan area in 1922 when it came under Polish
control and moved into Brandenburg.

Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Yours sincerely
Peter Wollinski

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