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Marjorie Geiser

Hi All,

I had found a letter >from an attorney representing what might be my
great-grandfather, Mowsza LEWIN, dated 1937, leaving an estate in
Poland. It was to the US State Department, stating that Mowsza had
died, and his children in the US, who were citizens, wanted to know
how to "protect" and "collect" on this estate.

In the letter, it says that Mowsza was in "... the Colony Peawlowa, near the town
of Rozona, int he County of Kosow in the province of Grodno, Poland."

The State Dept replied, suggesting they contact the American Consular in Warsaw.
But I don't know how to see what happened after that. I'm not entirely sure I have
the right Mowsza, but the location fits, thanks to a document Stanley >from
JRI-Poland had earlier found for me,which was his son, Isaac's, marriage in Warsaw
(which is, again all I have).

After getting that marriage record, I thought it would have been easy
to find more about my grandfather, Jacob LEWIN (LEVINE), who was born
in Warsaw in 1902, then came to the US in 1906. Or info on his father,
Isaac, who appears to have been born in Grodno in 1871. But this
entire family, even while in the US, has been an interesting
challenge. Jacob's mother was Sarah SILVER, (SILBERNAGEL and in the
Warsaw marriage record, ZYLBERNAGEL).

I just sent an email to someone in Outreach at the American Foreign
Service Association, since nothing came up when I searched the National Archives.

However, my main question is does anyone have an idea of where could
go or do to see if I could find out what came of this letter about Mowsza.

Thank you,
Margie Geiser


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