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Phyllis Kramer

Avigdor Ben-Dov posted: In the book of Sokoly Poland Batya Weinstein is said to
have come >from a place called Swiecinin. I can't find any such place in the
vicinity. Maybe it was mistakenly transliterated >from Yiddish and Hebrew. Can
someone tell me if this is perhaps outside Poland? Sokoly is south and near the
city of Bialystok. Polish map indexes don't show it.

Avigdor...why use Polish maps when you have the JewishGen gazetteer which has been
created for this purpose? It contains listings of all current towns in Eastern
Europe. Here's what i did to find your town ...found the coordinates of Sokoly
(5259/2242) >from the jewishgen communities page under the Databases Oval.
...clicked on Jewish Gazetteer under the Databases Oval
...entered the town name, using the soundex, and asked for towns near 5259/2242
Answer: Swiecienin. 5317/2228..a town 33.7 miles northwest of Sokoly
happy hunting!
phyllis kramer, nyc & palm beach gardens florida
vp education, jewishgen

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