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Bruce Drake

This week's excerpt >from the Yizkor book of Czyzew-Osada, Poland is another
story, like so many other in these books, about the painful decision to leave
one's shtetl and emigrate to another country in the face of mounting anti-
Semitism and the dark cloud of Nazism approaching. It begins with an encounter
between the writer, Mordchai (Motl) Szczupakiewicz, and a "tipsy" solider
(presumably >from the Polish Army) at an entertainment for officers returning
from maneuvers, during which the officer cavalierly said to him, "The most
difficult problem is how to free the country >from Jews."

The years to come brought a pogrom that left many badly wounded "and a dark
cloud of need and want hovered over the shtetl. The final hope of making a
living ran out. The idea of leaving became stronger." And so Szczupakiewicz
left for America, where he was successful but always felt his ties to a city
that was no more, "a city with Jews destroyed in great pain, in inhuman agony."


Bruce Drake
Silver Spring MD

Towns: Wojnilow, Kovel

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