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Helen Gardner

Dear genners

I now know quite a lot about my AJGENGOLD/EIGENGOLD/AJZENGOLD family, but I
have one big mystery left, without which I cannot connect the family of Dr
Jakub AJGENGOLD 1894-1971 (changed his name to Jan John ALDON in the US) to
my family tree. (I have stressed Dr Jakub so as not to confuse him with his
cousin Jacob AJGENGOLD 1897-1993 who went to the UK either just before or
during WW1 and changed his name to Jack AIGENGOLD.)

Dr Jakub's mother was Szajndla AJGENGOLD, nee ZOLBERG/ZALBERG 1861-1931. She
married a second time, surname GLIKMAN, but Jakob is definitely the son of
her first husband AJGENGOLD. On his application for naturalization in the US,
Jakub/Jan John gives his father's name as Micezststaw. This makes it likely
that his father was Menachem Mendel AJGENGOLD, son of Abraham AJGENGOLD
married Zlata Mindla FRYDMAN.

AJGENGOLD is an uncommon name and they are all the one family. Abraham &
Zlata AJGENGOLD did have other male children. It can't be their son Izrael,
died 1858, or their son Jakow, b 1883. It isn't their son Rabbi Chaim
because he married twice; once to Rachel and once to Sara Furtzeig and I have
independent data on who his sons were. There are a couple of M AJGENGOLDs who
went to the US in the late 1890s but other data make them unlikely.

I don't know when Menachem Mendel was born, but he died in 1918 in Warsaw. If
he was Szajndla's husband that left her a 57 year old widow who could marry
again. Her son Dr Jakob was 24 years old at that time.

I could use this logic to say that Szajndla'a husband was Menachem Mendel and
add the family to my tree, but Warsaw records are known to be incomplete and
I'd really, really, like some more concrete evidence.

Can anyone please help?

Helen Gardner

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