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I am researching the DELEVANTE surname in England and there is one
particular individual whom I would like to trace backwards.

Background information:
The DELEVANTE surname is extremely rare in England - there are only 166
births, marriages and deaths recorded in England and Wales between 1837
and 1900 even when including the 16 different ways the surname is
spelled. A very small number of individuals/families appear to have
migrated to the London area in the very late 1700s or early 1800s. All
of these immigrants seem to have come >from what is now Algeria or
Morocco. Most of the families adopted the Christian faith.

Help request:
I would like to trace Prosper DELEVANTE or DE LEVANTE:
- He married in Norfolk, England on the 14th. March 1819 (17 Adar 5579)
at a Church of England church.
- The 1851 census return states that he was born in Algiers.
- There is a Church of England baptism record for him which states that
he was born on the 16th. July 1786 (20 Tamuz 5546) and that he was a son
of Joseph and Dinah. Joseph is described as a Rabbi, of Mogador, Morocco.
- Unfortunately the English immigration records for the early 1800s have
been destroyed so there's no help there.

Can anyone suggest what the original names might have been, and if there
is a way to identify his parents?

(Whilst I can cope with Latin and several modern European languages, I
have absolutely no knowledge of Hebrew and similar languages. Since
Delevante means "of the Levant", I suspect all of the names have been
completely Anglicised.)

Thank you,

Charles Fuller.

PS: If anyone else is researching this surname, I am happy to pass on
all of the information I have found so far.

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