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Bruce Drake

Between the world wars, the situation for Jews in Devenishki, then part of Poland
and now in Lithuania, became grim in the face of widespread hunger, mass
unemployment and heavy taxation by the government. Many young Jews, full of ideals
of justice and brotherhood, attempted to cross the border to Russia in the
mistaken belief they would find better conditions under the progressive Bolshevik
regime. They were mistaken, as Eilohu Wiener recounts in Under Confinement with
Russians, Poles and Germans in the Yizkor book of Devenishki. Wiener and his
friends were taken by Russian guards to a camp where they realized that we had been
foolish and had gotten ourselves into a venture for which we might pay with our
lives. They were interrogated daily and pressured to return to Poland to spy. Then
the Russians released them and years later, Wiener learned the answer to the
mystery of why they were let go. His ordeal was not over, but ultimately he
escaped the coming Holocaust and lived out his life in Israel.


Bruce Drake
Silver Spring MD

Towns: Wojnilow, Kovel

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