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Joel weiner

I would like suggestions on how to overcome my most significant brick wall. For
nearly 30 years, I've been researching my mother's paternal ancestors who came
from Warsaw, Poland. I have not been able to get past my great-great-grandparents.
Although being Jewish, the family had a uniquely Dutch name, Endewelt
(also spelled Endeweld/Endeveld/Endevelt in Warsaw). For my branch of
the family, the name became Endervelt in the USA. This name is only
otherwise found in Holland, where all are Catholic.

Here are the facts I have: My great-grandfather was Mojsche Endervelt/Endeweld
and he was born about 1878 in Warsaw. His wife was Golda Fishman/Fiszman,
also born about 1878 in Warsaw. They were married in Warsaw.

They had children in: Warsaw, Poland (Getel, 1899); Kiev, Russia
(Jossel Lazarus, 1901); and London, England (Basche, 1904); before
having more in the USA.

Mojsche's Death Certificate gives his parents as Jacob and Jennie (obviously an
anglicization). Although I no longer recall (or recorded) the source, I have a
note in his file that Jacob's name was Aryeh.

Mojsche had a sister, Ricala (abt 1888-1968), who was also married in
Warsaw (to Jacob Rosenbaum). Although she died in New York City, I
can't get her Death Certificate, as it's still protected.

So, I need to find any or all of the following:

a. Birth record for Mojsche Endewelt in Warsaw, probably 1878, father Jacob or
b. Marriage record for Mojsche Endewelt and Golda Fishman/Fiszman,probably 1898 in
c. Birth record for Ricala Endewelt, about 1888 in Warsaw,
d. Marriage record for Ricala and Jacob Rosenbaum, before 1908 in
Warsaw, father Jacob or Aryeh.
e. Death Certificate for Ricala Rosenbaum (1968, New York City).

I've exhausted,, and Any suggestions
on how to proceed?

Joel Weiner

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