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Dave Lichtenstein

Hello there

I know that four members of my paternal LICHTENSTEIN family lived and worked
in Hamborn and other places in the Rhineland during the First World War. My
Grandfather Friedrich and his sister (my Great Aunt) Rose were part of the
war machine. My grandfather a singer (and also in the German army) together
with my aunt Rose an actress entertained troops on the Rhineland in both
Germany and German-occupied areas. I also know that my Grandfather
performed in a theatre in Hamborn and my great Aunt performed in a theatre
in Dusseldorf. I don't know the name of these theatres nor whether they
still exist today.

In addition, my grandfather served as a prisoner of war camp guard some
where close by to Hamborn. Again I don't know where. It was in Hamborn
that my Grandfather met my Grandmother Sussana nee RAUSCHER who was working
in the Post Office. They were married in March 1918 and my father was born
on 11th August 1918.

This coming July-August, as part of an overseas trip, I will be travelling
to both Germany and Poland to follow family roots. I am staying in Duisburg
and after considerable search have found myself an English-speaking guide
residing there. He has told me that the Hamborn Post Office still exists
today so that I can at least visit that place associated with my family and
not seek further information on that place.

However. I am finding considerable difficulty in establishing where both my
Grandfather and Grandaunt performed on the stage in the Rhineland as well as
the location of the prisoner of war camp, nearby Hamborn. Added to this
while I know of my Grandparents marriage and my father's birth, >from other
family records, viz March 1918 and 11 August 1918, respectively. We do not
seem to these marriage and birth records among our family papers.

The first question I have - does anyone know where I would find marriage and
birth records for Hamborn in 1918? In Hamborn itself? Or nearby Duisburg?
Or Dusseldorf? Or where else in Germany?

Information >from these records might tell me where my Grandparents were
married in Hamborn. I can tell you that it was a mixed marriage and
therefore most likely in a marriage registry. Does anyone know where the
marriage registry office in Hamborn was located in 1918? Is it still there,
today? Likewise I might gather >from the birth record where my father was
born - at home or in a hospital?

Any assistance in the location of 1918 Hamborn birth and marriage records,
location of the World War 1 Prisoner of War camp, nearby Hamborn and
theatres in Hamborn and Dusseldorf in 1918 would be much appreciated.

Many thanks in advance
Dave Lichtenstein
Sydney, Australia

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