JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Fourteenth International Conference on Jewish Names Bar-Ilan University June 3, 2019 #general

Saul Issroff

Fourteenth International Conference on Jewish Names
Bar-Ilan University, The Faculty of Jewish Studies, The Israel and
Golda Koschitzky Department of Jewish History and Contemporary Jewry
The Project for the Study of Jewish Names

Monday, June 3, 2019, The Midrasha (Building 405), Bar-Ilan
University, Ramat-Gan, Israel

Session 1: 9:00-10:45: Names and their Meanings
Chair: Prof. Meir Bar-Ilan
Greetings: Prof. Kimmy Caplan, Chair, The Department of Jewish History
and Contemporary Jewry
Prof. Aaron Demsky, Head of the Project for the Study
of Jewish Names

Avshalom Kor: >from Netanyahu to Gans, >from Binyamin to Benny (Hebrew)

Amichay Schwartz (Ariel University): Ashtori Ha-Parḟi: The Origin of
the Name and the Location of Florencia (Hebrew)

Yosef Rivlin (Bar-Ilan University): Kabbalistic Naming Instructions
and their Effect (Hebrew)

Amer Dahamshe (The Arab Academic College of Education in Israel,
Haifa): Names and Memory: Street Signs in the Jewish Quarter of the
Old City of Jerusalem (Hebrew)

Session 2: 11:00-12:30: Methodological Aspects of the Study of Names
Chair: Prof. Emmanuel Friedheim

Mechael Osband (University of Haifa, Ohalo, Kineret, and Tel-Hai
Academic Colleges): Majduliyya: A Case Study in the Question of Name
Preservation in the Golan (Hebrew)

Felicia Waldman (University of Bucharest): Drawing a Genealogical Tree
â?? Overcoming Inaccurate or Missing Local Archival Sources (English)

Nardo Bonomi Braverman (Greve in Chianti â?? Firenze): Toponymic
Surnames in Italian Jewish Onomastics: A Handy Source (English)

Carmi J. Neiger (Elmhurst College): Finding Distinctive Jewish Names
in Cincinnati, Ohio (English)
Session 3: 14:00-15:15: Naming in Literature, Halakhah and Custom
Chair: Prof. Aaron Demsky
Greetings: Prof. Yaron Harel, Dean of the Faculty of Jewish Studies

Erga Heller (Kaye Academic College of Education): In the Beginning
there was Ziva: Naming Israeli Characters in Popular American
English-Speaking Television Series (Hebrew)

Yaron Silverstein (Hemdat Hadarom College): "Eretz Israel" in the
Byzantine Period: A Study of the Jerusalem Talmud's Understanding of
"The Area Settled by the Returnees >from Babylon" (Hebrew)

Aharon Gaimani (Bar-Ilan University): First Names as a Segula (a
Charm) for Good Fortune and Longevity in Ketubbot (Prenuptial
Agreements) >from Yemen (Hebrew)

Session 4: 15:30-17:00: Jewish Names in Europe
Chair: Prof. Gershon Bacon

Letizia Cerqueglini (Tel Aviv University): Jewish Family Names in the
Papal State >from the Sixteenth Century to the Italian Unification

Johannes Czakai (Hebrew University of Jerusalem): Switzerland Between
the Carpathians and Prut: The History of Jewish Family Names in
Bukovina (English)

Aleksandra Zurek-Huszcz (University of Warsaw): First Names of
Converts >from Judaism to Christianity in Warsaw 1826-1850 (English)

Igor Kusin (University of Zagreb): First Names of Zagreb Jews >from the
Beginning of the 19th Century until the Second World War (English)

Session 5: 17:15-18:45: Biblical Names >from Antiquity to Modern Times
Chair: Prof. Michael Avioz

Aharon Tavger (Ariel University) and Chris McKinny (Texas A&M
University Corpus Christi): The Meaning of the Toponyms Millo and
Bethmillo: A New Interpretation According to New Archaeological and
Historical-Geographical Aspects (Hebrew)

Gershon Galil (University of Haifa): A New Look at the Etymology of
Goliath's Name (Hebrew)

Mitka R. Golub (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem): On a Digital
Onomasticon and on Personal Names with the Element Ba'al in First
Temple Period Epigraphic Artifacts and in the Bible (Hebrew)

Ruvik Rosenthal: Biblical Eponyms as Creators of National and Cultural
Identity (Hebrew)

The conference is supported by the Faculty of Jewish Studies and the
Koschitzky Fund, Bar-Ilan University..For information:
The Public is Welcome!

Note several well known genealogists are speakers.

Saul Issroff

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