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Alexander Sharon

Jayne Summers wrote:
My great-grandfather, Avraham Heuman, passed away around 1910. The family
lived in a village in or near Glogow, Poland. My aunt told me that mail to
the family used to be addressed to "Glogow Colo Jeshuv" (not entirely sure
about the spelling).
Is the Jewish cemetery in that area intact? If anyone is nearby and can get
a grave photo, or let me know if there's any record of his grave, I'd
appreciate it.

Town was known as Glogow kolo Rzeszowa (Glogow near Rzeszow).
Following end of WWII and the incorporation by Poland German lands,
including town Glogau, which was renamed Glogow. "Your"Glogow has been
renamed to Glogow Malopolski.

There were two Jewish cemeteries in town, the old cemetery was established
in 1712, as usual, on the land located beyond town walls. Cemetery was
officially closed in 1935, but apparently some burials continue during WWII.
Please refer to Mr. Bielawski outstanding "kirkuty" site at:

New cemetery was established at the beginning of 20 century and according to
publication: "Krawiec J., Jewish community of G'ogow Ma'opolski', 120 people
were buried there till year 1939.

Both cemeteries have been completely destroyed, no matzevot left. Some
cemetery stones were used to improve streets hardness surfaces, and the
majority have been utilized, as usual, by the locals for their construction

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Alexander Sharon
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