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Cathy Miller

I am wondering if there is someone who has the time and Cyrillic (or
possibly Lithuanian) skills to take a look at 2 entries on my behalf,
click through to the microfilm copies of the original documents using
the hyperlinks and let me know whether or not there has been a
transcription error.

I have done extensive research into our family on the excellent
JewishGen site. There are 2 entries where the information conflicts
with other information. Before I try to reconcile which is correct it
would be helpful to ensure there has not been a translation or
transcription error. To my great delight I found that both these
entries have a hyperlink to the copy of the original source which is
in the free on line FamilySearch database. Unfortunately being unable
to read the language which I am guessing is Russian/Cyrillic (but
could also have some Lithuanian as it was written in Lithuania), when
I look at the microfilm images I am not sure even which is the correct
image relating to the person I am researching, so I cant take a
screenshot to post on viewmate for translation.

The first entry pertains to the birth of my putative great uncle

VITEN, Girsh Eliyash ben Izrael son of Yosel 2270864 / 2

LVIA/1226/1/1309/649 1887 Panevezys Record #M71
When I look at the microfilm, Volume 1226/1/1309 starts at image
number # 314 but I cant find a reference to the last 3 digits (649) or

All the other information about my great grandfather (named in this
entry as Izrael) suggests his name was Tsalel/Calel. My question is,
could Izrael have been a mis-transcription of Tsalel/Calel? (I
appreciate he may have been known by the name Izrael or it could have
been an entry error, however in the births of his other 5 children
including my grandfather he is always listed as Tsalel or Calel)

The second entry pertains to the marriage of a putative great great
uncle (brother of the above mentioned Tsalel/Calel/Izrael)
VITEN, Kashriel ben Yosel 2205137 / 2

LVIA/1226/1/1029/197/187 Marriage Record #2 1877 Birzai
When I look at the microfilm, Volume 1226/1/1029 seems to be in the
section that starts with 1226/1/1026 - 1226/1/1041 on image number 109
and 1877 seems to start at image number 160

If the date of the marriage and the age of Kashriel (22) and his wife
(18) at the time of marriage are correct, then this conflicts with
other evidence that suggests they may have been about 10 years older
at the time. I have been wondering whether I am dealing with one
Kashriel or two. Since Kashriel ben Yosel is a rare name and Viten far
from common, it would help to check this transcription in case there
is a simple error that could explain this discrepancy.

Crossing fingers this is the correct forum to address this. Please let
me know if I should be trying elsewhere.

Many many thanks
Cathy Miller
JewishGen ID #: 366319

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