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Yonatan Ben-Ari

I am still trying to confirm the exact relationship between Rabbi
Isaac Simcha HURWITZ of Hartford, Ct. (d.1936) and the family of (my
grand father) Chaim Yitzchak ABRAMOWITZ .. My grandfather's father
came to Palestine >from Novarodok probably around the same time that
Rabbi H. came >from Novarodok to the USA. (1870-1890?)

My mother writes in her autobiography that her family (the
ABRAMOWITZs) emmigrated in the 1920s >from Palestine to Hartford, Ct.
presumably to be with her "cousins" the HURWITZs but she does not give
the exact relationship.

On the HURWITZ side several members of his extended family (WAXMANs,
RUDMAN etc.) said to me that they also believe wer'e cousins but no
one seems to know the exact relationship.

Does anyone know of a family relationship between the above Rabbi
HURWITZ and a Rabbi David , who was "the" Rabbi of Novarodok during
the 18th cent? I have no family name for him but as far as I know his
son adopted his father-in-law's family name HURWITZ .

I think I've seen a Geni connection but it far too extended and
connected by marriages which took place much later in the 20th cent.

Yoni Ben-Ari, Jerusalem

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