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Armand Morrison

I am trying to research my family history and am hoping someone here
on the JewishGen Discussion Group can help.

I have record of Joseph Morrison, my great grandfather, born in Russia
in 1877. He arrived in England somewhere around 1900 with his wife
Becky ((Bailee) Stern. They then separately moved to Boston then to

Joseph is buried at Montefiore Cemetery in the David Horodoker lodge.

See attached for all of the details I have uncovered so far.

I am still trying to find the family's original last name and any
other info about the town Joseph came >from and any other family
information. Any suggestions would be very helpful.

Joseph Morrison was born on December 29, 1877, in Russia. He had two
sons and three daughters with Rebecca (Becky, Bailee) Stern (Stared )
between 1900 and 1910. He moved alone >from England to Boston where the
rest of the family joined later. He worked as a tailor for the
Feinbaum Company. He died on July 15, 1923, in Brooklyn, New York, at
the age of 45, and was buried in Montefiore Cemetery in Springfield
Gardens, New York.

Joseph Morrison

Spouse: Becky Bailee Stern Stared

Life Story Events: Joseph Morrison was born on December 29, 1877, in
Russia to Sarah Berg and Joseph Morrison.

We believe that Joseph and Rebecca migrated to England around 1900.

His daughter Millie was born on December 19, 1900, in England.

Millie Morris Solnitzky Cohen


His daughter Rose was born in 1903 in England.

Rose Morris Reiss

Departure: Traveled by boat >from Liverpool, England to Boston alone

According to 1920 Census, he arrived sometime in 1903

Rebecca (called Bailee) and daughters Millie and Rosie arrived at
Ellis Island on 10/11/1904

His son Israel Irving was born on July 20, 1905, in Boston, Massachusetts.

Israel Irving Morrison


Birth of Daughter

His daughter Lena was born on August 23, 1907, in Boston, Massachusetts.

Lena Morris Solnitzky Cohen


Birth of Son

His son Daniel was born on June 22, 1910, in Boston, Massachusetts.

Daniel Morrison


Move to Brooklyn?

Sources indicate 7 passengers traveling on a boat to or >from Boston

Perhaps the move >from Boston to Brookly, NY

20 Mar 1918 -- Boston, Massachusetts, Massachusetts, United States

Joseph Morrison died on July 13, 1923, in Brooklyn, New York, when he
was 45 years old.

Stories are told that Joseph Morrison was killed by a bus while he was
crossing the street

Joseph is buried at Montefiore Jewish Cemetery in the David Horodoker
Lodge, Block 21 Row 4R next to his wife, Rebecca

Armand Morrison

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