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Yitzhak Sapir

Many of the records at FHL are also available on the Polish archives
(and in other cases, the Polish archives might contain scans not on
FHL or vice-versa).
You can go to the main Polish archives website -
And type, for example, mojzeszowego Warszawie
This search brings up a list of units - each being a book of records.
Normally, it accepts English as well, but here you have to type
Warszaw, not Warsaw for the search to find the books.
On the left you have filters such as "vital records and civil
registers only" and "units with scans only"
If you click any of the item, you can find a link to the collection:
72/200/0 Akta stanu cywilnego wyznania mojzeszowego w Warszawie
You now have tabs on top allowing to explore all the units of these
collection. You'll need to have a basic understanding of
Russian/Polish script to be able to identify records. Many of the
books contain hand-written indexes at the end (or, if a single book
contains separate sections for birth/marraige/death, it might have the
hand-written index after the relevant section)

Another useful website is:

Units at FHL are already digitized if they have an associated DGS
number. I don't know if there is any way to still view the original
microfilms as FHL has decided to scan all their collections and
provide online access to them. Perhaps the units are not online due to
contractual restrictions. I see some units online in Warsaw, though.

Yitzhak Sapir

On Fri, May 31, 2019 at 5:30 PM Joel Weiner
<> wrote:

Background: I have spent many years researching my ENDEWELT folks in
Warsaw. I have data on several hundred individuals >from the early
1800s to the Holocaust.

However, data on my direct ancestral line ends with my
great-grandfather (Mojsche Endervelt b.1878) who died in New York
City. His Death Certificate has his father's name as "Jacob." In all
my research, I have not found any Jacob/Yacov/etc. of the right age.

Mojsche and his wife Golda Fishman/Fiszman were married in Warsaw
1897/98. I have not found any records on familysearch or jewishgen for
that family.

1. Have all of the 19th century Jewish records in the Warsaw Archives
been copied by the LDS?
2. If not, are they accessible to a researcher I would hire there?
2. I see in the LDS catalog that there are films listed as "Granite
Mountain Record Vault." How does one get to view those films not yet
on-line? Specifically, film 106421224.
3. Any other suggestions for this brick wall?

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