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Nancy Siegel

The Bessarabia SIG is pleased to report that Revision Lists added in
December to JewishGen's Bessarabia Collection are now available in the
JewishGen database. The following sets of records were completed for
the following towns and years:

Ataki,1859 3866 records >from 523 families
Beltsy,1854 676 records >from 165 families
Bolotina, 1835, Baptized Jews 6 records >from 2 families
Faleshty, 1875 (men only, head of household) 448 men, families
Izmail, 1845-54 189 records >from 39 families; and 1859-60 - additional records
37 records >from 2 families
Kamenets-Podolskiy, Podolia, Reside in Kishinev, 1857 5 records >from 1 family
Kiliya, 1860, Returned to Moldova Principality (Romania)11 records >from 2 families
Kishinev, 1859, Families >from Volyn gubernia 21 records >from 5 families
Lyublin, colony, 1859 458 records >from 66 families
Rashkov, 1859 887 records >from 152 families and Name List 369 records >from 152
Reni, 1851 2 records >from 2 families
Soroki, 1859 2177 records >from 307 families and Name List, head of household
Valya luy Vlad, colony, 1855 489 records >from 55 families
Various towns in Yassy/Beltsy uezd (county),1875, Out-of-town 1397 records >from
341 families, and Foreigners 329 records >from 108 families

To access this update of the Revision Lists >from December 2018 go to:

If you want to know what Revision List records are available, please
go to:

Here is a list of updates of the Revision Lists for the last 6 years:

The new set of Revision Lists which are going to be completed in June of 2019 and
sent to JewishGen can be seen at:

We thank the volunteers for making these records available to JewishGen.

All the best,
Inna Vayner, Yefim Kogan
JewishGen Bessarabia SIG Leaders and Coordinators

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