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A. E. Jordan

Eva Karoline Lawrence wrote:
the source to turn to for information English shipping companies and individual
vessels is Lloyd's Register, which has been published yearly since records began

Not to put too fine a point on it, the Lloyd's Register will list the ship's name
and owner and beyond that it only provides very technical details on the
measurements, propulsion, etc. You will not find a narrative about the ship or
details on when and where it sailed. It also only includes active ships so for a
ship in 1900 you will have to find a volume >from around 1900 or within the time
span the ship was sailing.

There are more comprehensive shipping reference books if you want to read about a
shipping line beyond what is on the Internet.

Possibly the first, best book would be one called North Atlantic Seaway by N.R.P.
Bonsor. The original dates to the 1950s and 1960 but he updated it in 1979 shortly
before he was killed in a car crash. His book has a short chapter describing the
history of each shipping company that operated passenger ships across the North
Atlantic along with a listing of all their ships describing their dimensions and a
basic outline of their service, ie first and last voyages on each route (He also
did a one volume book called South Atlantic Seaway shortly before his death which
covered the ships sailing >from Europe to South America.) Unfortunately it is going
to be very difficult for the average person to find this series which is actually
four volumes outside of a major reference or technical library.

There is another series of books called Great Passenger Ships of the World which is
more the history of individual ships by Arnold Kludas but it is mostly an overview
of the ship's history not specific sailings and has photos of a lot of the ships.
He only covered larger ships but did not limit it to just the North Atlantic.

There are a variety of books that discuss the social history and life aboard the
ships as well.

Hope that helps someone.

Allan Jordan

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