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Lisa Liel

My great-great-great-grandfather is buried at Waldheim Cemetery outside of Chicago.
His stone is next to that of my great-great-great-grandmother, and both of them
fell an unknown time ago. Neither of them has any care contract or contact person.
Their names are Rosie and Isaac (or Israel) Hindsill.

I only know what it says on Isaac's stone because I spoke with someone at the
Cemetery. They have some records that say Isaac and others that say Israel. None of
the records give his date of death or any other information, and the photo they
sent to me doesn't show any writing at all on it.

I live in Israel, and the last time I visited Chicago, everything was covered with
snow. I'd be willing to pay someone to go and see what text they can get off the
stone. Are there people who do that?

Lisa Liel
SMULEVITZ/CHERNOWITZ - Vilijampole, Lithuania
SMULEVITZ - Beltsy, Moldova
FLANZBAUM - Soroka, Moldova

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