Website listing location of Galician Records #galicia

Adelle Gloger

Dear Fellow Galitzianers,

The other night I was 'surfing' and found a site that listed Galician
Administrative Districts, Sub Districts and Current Country. In addition,
also found a site that searches towns/district/country and then lists what
records are available (BMD/years) and whether in Polish Archives or Ukrainian

This is the 'main' site: Galician Research - Genealogy -

Administrative Districts:

Towns by Administrative District:

On this page, if you use the "Jewish Kehila" entry for town/district
all towns in that district come up.

On that same page, if you click on Archival Holdings, and then click
on Jewish Records you will get:
Galician Records (Jewish)
Which will give you a "Galician Records
Locator". Enter town/adm. district and a table listing BMD/year and which
archive the records are located.

I have been searching for the town of my father's-in-law birth, and could
never find it. When I entered it on this site, I discovered why I could
never locate it. This site gave me the name I entered and what it is now
know as. Even using the JewishGen Shtetl Seeker with D-M Soundex it *never* showed up.

Hope this site will be useful to all.

Adelle Weintraub Gloger
Shaker Hts., Ohio

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