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My father, Leon Schiller, was born in Chernigov July 23, 1906. He emigrated to
the U.S. Oct.30,1913 as Levitchy Neishuller, 7, with his mother, Ethel
Neishuller and his brother, Morris or Moishe Neishuller, 9. Interestingly, on
my father's "Certificate of Arrival," it lists the port of entry as New York,
NY. And the exact date, but for "Manner of arrival," it says: "Unknown. I
cannot find the manifest anywhere.

Ethel divorced her husband in Russia, who I was told was called Aryah Neikriten.
I have no information about him, but would be interested to discover anything
that might be out there about him. They were Jewish. I did discover a Boris
Nekritin who lives in the U.S. whose father was also >from near Chernigov >from
a schtetl whose name was Gorodnya. We do not know if there is any connection.
I was told Neikriten was a tailor for the Czar. My father would not speak to
me about him which led me to assume he was not a kind gentleman.

My grandmother Ethel remarried a gentleman, Sam Marcus, and lived the rest of
her life in the Chicago area, as did my father.

Any assistance in my quest to learn a bit more about my grandfather, Aryah
NEIKRITEN, will be very much appreciated.

Joan Jacobson

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