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David Goldman

Hi Jewishgenners. Among Ashkenazim there is a common female first name of
Malka. It often goes with a nickname among Russian Jews of Manya.
Is it possible that the tradition of that name might go back to a
Sephardi/Spanish or Italian name of Reina/Regina, thereby suggesting the
possibility of actual Sephardi/Spanish/Italian ancestry in the
not-too-distant past? I keep thinking about this issue ever since reading
the story about the Sephardi/Italian ancestry of the Charlap family name.
Perhaps it is as simple as a baby girl being born around Purim and therefore
has an association with Queen Esther. I suppose the male equivalent is just
Melech. But this doesn't have the equivalent in Sephardi/Spanish/Italian
history of "Rey/Re" for king as does Malka with Reina/Regina.

David Goldman

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