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Joseph Walder

I am trying to resolve an apparent discrepancy between information in
the JewishGen online world burial registry (JOWBR) and information I
extracted >from old Russian census records. This concerns one Samuel or
Schmul Luchansky (about 1852-1933).

According to JOWBR, Samuel Luchansky was buried in plot S39,
Congregation Ahavath Chesid cemetery, Waterford, Connecticut, and his
father was named Jacob.

According to old census records, there were two men named Schmul
Luchansky born in the village of Koshevata within a few years of each
other: Schmul Elev (or Eliovich) Luchansky (son of El', probably short
for Eliyahu) in about 1849 and Schmul Iosev (or Osipovich) Luchansky
in about 1852. I believe they were first cousins to each other and to
my great grandmother Krenie Itskovna Luchanskaya. As far as I have
been able to reconstruct, Schmul Elev Luchansky remained in Russia but
Schmul Iosev Luchansky came to the US in 1907 and settled in New
London, Connecticut.

There's an obvious inconsistency between the JOWBR entry giving the
name of Samuel Luchansky's father as Jacob and the old census records
that refer to Schmul Iosev.

I had translation help with the Russian records >from a native speaker,
so I feel confident about that aspect of what I've written above.

If someone is in a position to photograph Samuel Luchansky's
gravestone for me, I would be much obliged.

Joseph Walder
Portland, Oregon, USA

MODERATOR NOTE: To avoid duplication of effort please contact Joseph prior to
visiting the cemetery.

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