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There was an error in one address in the previous posting. Corrected version:

The next installment of the index of the German Reichsvereinigung
registration cards (so far 26,537 names) is now available at This form of registration was
required 1939-1941 for all Jews resident in Germany, whether or not they
were German citizens. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of the cards
has been located, but those which were found can be examined on the Bad
Arolsen website,

The alphabetical index to the cards has so far reached up to surnames
beginning with the letter S. Unlike the cards themselves, which can only be
searched by family name, this index can be searched by place of birth or
death, or by maiden name. Many Jews resident in Germany were born in Poland
and other countries, e.g. hundreds in Posen, and a city search may yield
unexpected results. I have supplemented the information available on the
cards, drawing >from other sources.

I would be happy to try to answer any questions regarding the cards and
information on the database, but please start by looking at the cards

Peter Lande
Washington, D.C.

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