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Daniel Mann

Dear all;

I have posted a Yiddish obituary of my ancestor Neche Devora SHERESHEVSKY
(Szereszewski). It is posted at

It states that she passed away on December 6, 1930 in Bialystok {at
about 78 years old}, and that her father's name was Yisroel. This
means a birth of of about 1852. It also gives an address that is
somehow related to the funeral. (Perhaps Bialostoczanska 24; presently
it is Wlokiennicza).

Can anyone suggest a way to use this information to learn more about
Neche and her family? I would especially like to learn her maiden name.

Her husband was Aron. As he is not mentioned at all in the obituary it
is likely that he predeceased her. Is there a way to learn about his
death? Aron traveled much and in some places was known as Aron
Aronson. Nevertheless, family legend claims that he was a respected
member of the Bialystok community and that upon his death shopkeepers
closed their shops out of respect. Are there any newspaper indexes
available that might have a record of this?

Children include Meir who married Esther Leah Aidelman, Chana or Anna
who married Mordechai (Max Aronson?), Liba married Moshe Jelin
(Yellin), Isaac married to Anna Lipitz (Chana or Fanny), Yisroel
Shmuel, Yehudis who married Isser Brandt, and possibly Yehuda Leib
father of Aron, Esther, and Humcha.

This seems to be her 1914 address Szieriesziewskaja Niecha; Izrail;
Fabriczna; 222; 11-826

Any information or advice on how to learn more about these people
would be greatly appreciated.

Thanking you in advance.

Daniel Fishel Mann
London England

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