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Isabelle Roche <isarochecomet@...>


I'm looking for information on my paternal ancestry.

My great-grandfather's name is Joachim RIEGER.
He was born in Kolomea in 1893.
My great-grandmother's name is Marthe HACKER.
She was born in Nuremberg in 1902.
My grandfather was Leon RIEGER. He's one of the many
victims of the Shoah. He died the Majdanek camp in march 1943.

His brother Serge is still alive.
Part of their family managed to escape to England (Georges RIEGER)
and USA (Max RIEGER). And perhaps after war to Israel.

We have no photos about them and about Leon.

My grand father family lived in Nuremberg until 1926, then in
Strasbourg (France) until 1939, near Limoges during the war
and then in Paris.

Thank you for your help in this sensitive research.

Isabelle Roche
(Le Bouscat, near Bordeaux, France).

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