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George Fogelson

My great aunt survived Theresienstadt and I have a poem to my aunt's
birthday written by Margot Heymann nee Kling knowing that she was
going to be transported to Auschwitz that day:
Even though I can not be with you I still want to share the joy. I
would have liked so much to be among you - not only because of the
cake of course.
Because Kaetchen has birthday, she is so good, so sweet, so kind,
always in good shape., that is why I can wish her all the best and
wish her that she does not have to live through pain ,I wish her all
the best for this and many more birthdays.

It is written as a poem and in a way you wrote birthday cards at the
time- as if life was totally normal. For example she talks of a
cake/Torte- something totally far away.

Among my aunt's letters is also a document concerning Kamil KLATSCHER

If you are related to either Margot HEYMANN nee RING born 11. 06. 1908
Transport I/105, no. 14035 (11. 01. 1944, Berlin -> Terezin) Transport
Eo, no. 310 (06. 10. 1944, Terezin -> Auschwitz) Murdered



Born 31. 01. 1878.
Murdered 10. 08. 1943 Terezin.

Please respond privately and I can forward you the document.

Redondo Beach, CA

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