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Yaakov Saxon

I wonder if anybody might be able to help solve a family mystery. My
father told me that when he was a kid, he noticed that his grandmother
Minnie Rubin had numbers tattooed on her arm, like a holocaust
survivor. The strange thing is that she was nowhere near Europe during
that time.

Minnie was the daughter of Max Teitelbaum (Mordechai Yosef, son of
Tzvi) and Sule Berzansky (Sulia, daughter of Menachem Mendel and Sarah).
Minnie was born in 1901 and came to the US (via port of Quebec, entering
the US in Vermont) with her mother Sule and brother Mendel in 1907 to
join her father Max, who had immigrated earlier (1904?), by an as-yet
undiscovered-by-me route. They came >from Odessa, Russia. The story I've
heard is that Max left to avoid the draft, but I haven't verified that
in any way.
In any case, Minnie lived the rest of her life in the US and was not in
Europe during the Holocaust.

Can anybody provide a clue? Has anybody heard of little girls in Russia
being stamped with numbers on their arm?

Secondarily, the Teitelbaum's (and Berzansky's) are among the last
remaining lines I haven't been able to trace back into Europe. Does
anybody have any relevant info or ideas?

I've heard of men changing their names to avoid the Russian draft. How
would one determine if such a thing had happened? And if so, how would
you trace them back to their real name?

Yaakov Saxon
Queens, NY

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