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Deborah Lane

To Jewish Genners,
I am wondering if anyone can help me figure out what town my
great-great-grandparents were from, and perhaps help me decipher other information
This is the general information: Sam and Malke (who later is called Mollie)
Halpern, my great-great-grandparents, are listed in the US 1900 census as living
in New York, having immigrated 4 years earlier in 1896 >from Austria. They are
listed with three children, Eva age 18 (my great grandmother), Annie age 16 and
Sam age 14 (odd he should have the same name as his father?), and the mother,
Malke, as having had 7 children with 3 living (I am not sure if that means "living"
or "living with her"). In the 1905 NY state census, Sam and Mollie are listed with
two children, Eva and Sam.
In 1910, Eva has married Josef Mayer Siegel (my great grandfather), who has moved
in with he family and is listed as the head of the household. Sam Jr. has moved out
and Mollie is listed as having had 7 kids with 1 living (or is it- living with her?
Or did Annie and Sam Jr die?) Sometime before 1920 Eva and Josef Meyer Siegel move
with their children to Chicago. In Joseph Mayer's naturalization declaration,
which is wonderfully detailed, he writes on the line which states "The name of my
husband or wife is Eva we were married on Dec 26, 1905 in Brooklyn NY he or she
was born at Brod, Germany on May 17, 1884 and entered the US at NY on May 1894"

I am trying to figure out what town is Brod that is in Germany but also Austria?
Or did he make a mistake on the naturalization record?

To perhaps shed more light, or maybe more confusion, on this, I found a Hamburg
passenger list >from 1898 which lists a Halpern family: Malke age 45, Rosa age 20,
Clara age 16, Anna age 12, and Salomon age 9. They are listed as coming >from Brody.
If that is the "right" family, the names of the children do not quite line up, but
I wonder if Clara is bad handwriting for Chava- Eva, and Salomon changed his name
to Sam- thus explaining having the same name as his father. I don't know
what happened to Rosa. Now on the Ellis Island/Castle garden list,this family
appears (Clara's name is written clearer here), again it says they are >from Brody,
and it adds that they are joining their father Osias Halpern. (Could that be Sam
Sr.? Did he change his name? Or perhaps this is the wrong family? A quick search
for Osias Halpern in US censuses did not yield any results)) And if the is the
"right" family, which Brod or Brody might they be coming from? There are several
possibilities listed in Jewish gen town finder- I am not sure which it might be.

I am grateful to any of you who might be able to give me some insight
or guidance with this! Thank you

Deborah Lane

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