JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Alternative documents for seeking Polish citizenship by descent? #general

Joseph Walder

I've been making some inquiries about the possibility of obtaining
Polish citizenship by descent. My father's parents both came from
towns in Galicia that became part of the restored Republic of Poland
after the end of the First World War. Unfortunately, birth records for
my grandparents did not survive the Second World War. The following
records do exist, however:

1. For my grandmother, who came >from the town of Sanok, there
are records about her being enrolled in school.

2. My grandfather's younger brothers, Hertz and Wolf, moved
from the village of Narol to Antwerp, Belgium in 1928. Wolf moved on
to the US within a couple of years, but Hertz married a German woman,
had children, and as far as I know, they lived in Antwerp through the
war years. The dossier kept on Hertz by the Antwerp police includes a
translation of his birth record >from the original Polish into Dutch.

I'm wondering whether records such as I have described, together with
other evidence (for example, photos of my grandfather and his
brothers), might be adequate for seeking Polish citizenship by
descent. Has anyone got experience with that situation? I want to
stress that I am not seeking legal advice.

Many thanks in advance.

Joseph Walder
Portland, Oregon, USA

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