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Felice Hardy <felice@...>

I am trying to research the journey that my grandfather, David Herbst,
made out of Vienna. He left Vienna by train on 20th December 1938. I
have no more details than that. I know that he then stayed in Prague
from January to March 1939. On 19th March 1939 he travelled on from
Prague to Warsaw (he walked for 18 miles across the border). He then
chartered a flight >from Warsaw to London Croydon Airport (via
Copenhagen) with 12 other people. My question is: would he have been
able to go by train >from Vienna to Prague in December 1939 without any
problems, or would he have had to walk across the border, like he did
from Bohemia/Moravia to Poland? I am assuming that Austria's borders
were closed, or at least heavily guarded, at that time? Does anyone
have family who perhaps made a similar journey?

I hope you can put the paragraph above in your newsletter. Many
thanks, Felice Hardy

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