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Dovie Gelerinter

I was tracing my line and ended up at the same place, two different
ways and was scratching my head over how. I finally took a step back
and figured out that I have a nephew and aunt marrying each other.

Matityahu and Marianne ASHKENAZI-TREVES, based on my info (and Geni
seems to confirm) had two daughters: Miriam and Vergentlin. Miriam
married Shmuel SHAPIRA. They had a son Shlomo. Shlomo married

Does this make sense? Can anyone verify that they know about this from
elsewhere? If so, fine, I can move on. seems to imply this is
the case as well. It just strikes me as odd so I wanted to call it out
and ask if anyone has any information one way or the other regarding

Thank you,

-Dovie Gelerinter

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