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I am trying to connect two branches of the DINNERSTEIN family. My
wife's grandmother's sister, Anna DINNERSTEIN, married Solomon GROSS.
Her daughter Sarah GROSS married Morris BERGER, and one of their sons
was Joseph BERGER.

On the other branch, Avrum Yaakov DINNERSTEIN married Pesha Bella
SHEPSENWOHL. Their son Maurice Jonah DINNERSTEIN married Emma COHEN,
and their daughter was Shirley DINNERSTEIN. Shirley became the wife
of Joseph BERGER.

I was told that Shirley and Joseph were third cousins. If I understand
this correctly, Avrum Yaakov and Anna (and therefore my wife's
grandmother Gussie GLICKMAN) would be first cousins and their fathers,
Henoch Dovid DINNERSTEIN and Chaim (Herman) DINNERSTEIN, would be
brothers. I would like to be able to prove this. If anyone has
information regarding this family, please let me know.

Sheldon Dan

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