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Michael Weinstein <einstein1250@...>

I am trading to track down relatives in Israel with the surname Gutman
or Guzman. I recently found a listing in a 1965 phone directory for
uz Pessah butcher shop at ** Sheinken in Givatayim. Pessah was married
to a cousin named Laiku. Thy had two children. Yichael had married a
woman named Shifra (Sarah) and they lived in Givatayim with their
children. The second son David had lived in Ashquelon. Laiku's mother,
Haiku, was the older sister of my grandmother, Anna Goldman (Nee: Berg).
The family had emigrated to Israel in the late 1940s. Their shtetl town
was Ostrog, Russia, now Ukraine. If this information rings a bell to
anyone in the group, please contact me.

Michael Weinstein

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