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Adam Cherson

Dear Researchers,

The past several years of research discoveries leads me to understand
that there are many persons whose immediately prior ancestry is >from the
places we call Eastern Europe, Central Europe, Hungary, Romania,
Ukraine, Moldova, and the like, *but* whose earlier ancestry includes a
period of residency, sometimes a substantial period of residency, in the
Iberian peninsula.

These folks, and I am one of them, have immediate ancestors who spoke
Yiddish, practiced the Ashkenazic ritual, had typical Askhnenazic names,
and match DNA mostly, if not exclusively, with other people >from those
Eastern places, and yet, we have an Iberian ancestry.

My question is whether there is a generally accepted terminology for
this population group?

I have heard things like Iberian Ashkenaz, Sephardic Diaspora,
Ashkenazic Sephardim, Sephardic Ashkenazim, Iberian Jews, and there are
probably others.

I personally prefer to use the term Iberian Jews because this removes
any indication of religious ritual and language >from the description. I
accept that there are going to be many ways of expressing the same
concept: just because one's ancestors spoke Yiddish and lived in Eastern
places doesn't mean they didn't have ancestors who once lived in Iberia,
possibly for many centuries.

FYI, there are now several Jewish yDNA signatures that are considered
evidence of an Iberian yDNA ancestry. For more about this please contact
me privately.

Adam Cherson

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