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Dear Fellow Genners,
I have just discovered an , until now, unknown family member. This discovery was
via her husbands Naturalization Records in what was then Palestine in 1939.
I know GELBERG is a common surname, but I am hoping someone out there may be of
help in tracking down living descendants of this family, who may, or may not, still
be living in Israel or providing me with any more info on this family.
Here is all I have:
Szmul Iccok (Shmuel Yitzchak) GELBERG married Sarah Wiktorja (Sarah Victoria)
GAWENDA in Israel on 28 March 1926
Szmuel Iccok Gelberg was born in Warsaw in November 1897 His parents were
Yehuda-Leib & Esther-Reizl Gelberg
Sarah Wiktorja GAWENDA, was born in Warsaw in March 1900 (She appears in the
records as both Wiktorja & also as Sarah Wiktorja)I do not have any information
regarding her parents

The couple had 2 daughters both born in Tel-Aviv
1- Ada GELBERG born 1929
2- Ilana Aliza GELBERG born 1939

With grateful thanks
Dr Joel Levy, London,

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