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David Ellis

My great-grandfather Louis FINKEL (1874-1928) was born with the name Leib
DUBROVSKY. His birth was registered in the Belarus town of Mogilev, but he
may have been born in another town, possibly Shchadryn.

The family oral history says he ran away >from home as a teenager. He tried
to avoid conscription, but his younger brother reported him to the authorities
(perhaps for a monetary reward). He was taken in by a woman whose son had died.
She passed him off as her son, and he adopted her surname of FINKEL.

In 1898, he married Reisel SHTEIN >from the Polish town of Kuznica between
Bialystok and Grodno. They came to New York (separately) and settled in New
York City. The story continues, that one day a man with a long black beard
knocked on the door of their apartment on the Lower East Side. He said he
was Louis' brother and asked for forgiveness. Unfortunately, Louis threw
him out and said he never wanted to see him again. They never met after that.

I am seeking living descendants of Louis' brother, whose name in Russia was Vulf
DUBROVSKY. It would be wonderful to wipe the slate clean after three generations.

David J Ellis
Natick, MA 01760

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