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Vicki Schulkin

Hello - I had such great luck asking this group a question about Poland, that
I thought I would try again for Slovakia. The village in Poland I asked about -
Solinka - was directly across the border >from Slovakia, near the town of Vysna
Jablonka. I know there were multiple marriages between the PACHTER family in
Solinka (my immediate ancestors), and the ROTH family in Vysna Jablonka and the
Humenne area. I am working with a member of the Roth family _ DNA shows pretty
conclusively that we are related, but we haven't been able to pin down exactly

I am not sure where to look for advice, or records. I think the area was
considered to be in the Hungarian part of Austria-Hungary until WWI, then
Czechoslovakia between the wars. I see there are SIGs for Hungary, Austria-
Czech Republic, and Sub-Carpathia but I'm not sure if any of them cover this

Any advice or suggestions would be very welcome!

Thank you,

Vicki Schulkin

MODERATOR NOTE: Each town page in the JewishGen Communities Database indicates
the Special Interest Group (SIG) to which each community is assigned. Go to
the Humenne, Slovakia page at , scroll to
the bottom and look on the lower right, it shows that this community is within
Hungary SIG.

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