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Bruce Drake

Yizkor books are full of accounts of Jews resisting the Nazis and
other anti-Semites who persecuted them: uprisings in the ghettos of
the camps, acts of heroism against those who tried to murder them,
partisans dealing justice to the enemy. Aharon Moravtchik tells a
different kind of story in =E2=80=9CMy Small Revenge for the Heinous Crime
from the Dayvd-Haradok (David Horodoker) Yizkor book. He had lost my
entire family, my wife, my four children, my parents, brothers and
sisters, the entire Jewish community of my home town. He had kept a
list of names of those who had committed these crimes and, after the
war was over in 1946, he resolved to be the blood-avenger for my
David-Horodoker brothers and sisters, tracking down those involved in
the atrocities that befell his town.


Bruce Drake
Silver Spring MD

Towns: Wojnilow, Kovel

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