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David Goldman

Hi everyone. >from my own genealogical research I have begun to get the
impression that ancestors who I know had origins in one reason but lived
elsewhere married their spouses who very likely also came >from the same
region. Here are three examples:

1) One great-great-grandfather originated in Zhitomir. We have found records
on him but not on his wife who he married in Odessa. I suspect I have to try
finding records on her >from Zhitomir since I know that her brother came from
Lutsk/Kolki which is not far >from Zhitomir.
2) Another great-great-grandfather who came to Odessa >from Dabrowa
Byalistocka married his wife (Livshitz) who was born near Odessa. Since
there are many Livshitzes >from White Russia, I suspect that her family
originated there as well.
3) A third great-great-grandfather named Shneur Zalman born in 1813 lived in
Nova Ushitza in Ukraine. Now since Shneur Zalman is a Lubavitch name, I
suspect his family migrated >from the north. His son, my great-grandfather,
married my great-grandmother of the FUKS family, a last name that was common
in Minsk and White Russia too.

It would be interesting to read what other Jewishgenners have discovered in
this regard. It is possible that this kind of investigation could lead to
finding ancestral records in the northern region. Of course this can still
be difficult if it goes back to the early 19th century or before. It also
suggests the possibility that migrants would prefer marrying those whose
families originated >from the same region. I am not sure why this would be
such a big deal, but in those days maybe it was.

David Goldman

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