JRI Poland #Poland Fwd: Problem with Polish Genealogist #poland


I found the name of a person who advertises himself as a Polish Genealogist.
Because I knew of no one else to ask, I requested that he research my last
name. Several weeks later he e-mailed me that he had done the research,had
spent over 20 hours, and had information which he would send to me after he received my check for $650.00. Although I thought it was a lot, the
information was so valuable to us that I sent him the check. What I received in return was about what I could find on the Internet. I was very sad about this and felt that in my search to find family who had survived, we had been taken advantage of. Since then I have learned that others have had the same experience with this person -- Pawel B. Dorman.I hope that this message can protect someone else >from making the same expensive mistake.

Sincerely, Thekla Stein Nordwind

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