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Subject: Re> Guberniya overlapping records

[H.F. - I'm not sure if this thread really belongs in this mail list
anymore, but since this is where the question was posed I am answering it

Subject: Guberniya overlapping records
From: Hal Maggied PhD <drmaggoo@ix.netcom.com>
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 12:15:26 +0100

Subject: Tarnow Shtetl CO-OP Announcement

This first submission to the JRI-PL online database covers the Birth
records >from mid 1863 through the end of 1870,

The fields include: ... things as place of birth outside of Tarnow,

The 7-year period covered was during the time when Poland was Partitioned
by Russia, Prussia, & Austria under a treaty known as the "Triple
A portion of these lands ---now included in Ukraine--- specifically
was in Poland at various times of the 19th Century and between the World
of the 20th Century. Especially, along the Pripyet & Styr River basins.
Significant cities include: Brody, Vladimir [Ludmir], Kovel, Lutzk, &
Rovno and
the shtetlakh in their hinterlands.
Do the records include such places as these cities and their surrounding
There are about twenty other towns referenced, but I believe they are all
much closer to Tarnow than the towns you mention. The most frequent ones,
some of which I cannot locate on current maps, are Strusi, Ringplatz,
Pilzno, Zawal, Grabie and Krzyz.

Howard Fink


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