The Bialystok Shtetl CO-OP for JRI-Poland has completed the first phase of the
Bialystok indexing project. Three LDS microfilms have been translated >from Old
Cyrillic, entered on to spreadsheets and are available now in the JRI-PL
database. Included are vital records for years 1835 through 1865 (with the
exception of 1860, which is still being translated). This is not only an
index, but nearly all of the information was translated and is included in the
database. All researchers with roots in the Bialystok area will benefit from
this work, which took ten volunteers hundreds of hours to complete. Our
thanks go to the translators and data entry volunteers.

These vital records will now be readily accessible to you and future
researchers. It will not be necessary to pay a researcher to search these
microfilms or to learn how to read handwritten Old Russian. Despite the
donated services of our volunteers, there were expenses involved in this
project. If you have benefited >from this project, we would appreciate your
help with these expenses. A contribution >from every Bialystok researcher can
cover these expenses and allow us to move on to the next stage of the project.

The remaining microfilms to be translated continue through 1886 and are
available only at the LDS Library. They are all in Old Cyrillic handwriting,
with no index pages. This means that we cannot copy index pages and send them
out to translators. The translation work must be done at the library. To
date, we have not located any volunteer translators willing and able to work
in LDS Libraries for this task. If you can translate these documents at an
LDS Library, please contact us.

The other option is that each researcher interested in Bialystok makes a small
contribution to JRI-Poland, with a note designating that it is for the
Bialystok Indexing Project. This will pay for professional translation. We
have many volunteers who will then enter the data into the database. Once
this translation has been completed, all future research will be faster,
easier and inexpensive. You can wait for others to accomplish this but
without the support of most researchers with roots in Bialystok, it won't
happen. Many of us have already benefited greatly >from the JRI-PL database,
and we should be willing to contribute whatever time and money we can afford
to bring the Bialystok Indexing Project to completion.

Please contact the Bialystok Shtetl Project coordinator at <DBH12345@...>.
Sonia Hoffman
Woodland Hills, CA

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