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The Plock Shtetl CO-OP is pleased to provide a status report:
Years available on the Mormon (LDS) films: 1808 - 1887
Total 15 microfilms containing about 20000 indices of vital records.

* Microfilm 1733680 and 1733681, covering Birth records years 1879, 1882,
1883, 1884, 1885, 1886, and BDM for years 1880 and 1881 (total of 2290
records) were transliterated in the past (REIPP) and are available in JRI

* Microfilm nr 729207 covering years 1822 1823 1824 1825
(total of 469 records) has been posted as well.

* The transliteration of microfilm 730201 has been successfully completed
recently, (total of 2094 records). Years 1826, 1829, 1830, 1831 were already
posted and the remaining years: 1827, 1828, 1832-36 will be posted soon
in the growing JRI database.
Thanks to Tony Stern, Gideon Carmi, Gabi Lana and Debbie Schnur for their
and devotion in transliteration those years!

I have posted all the information about this project in
a special Web Page, containing the project Status Report updated
from time to time at:

There are volunteers >from 6 countries, making this project a real special
international Jewish joint venture.

But dear Chaverim, with the progress to date, much remains to be done.
To achieve our goal of indexing all the available vital records of Plock
more volunteers are needed to data enter the index pages (which
have already been photocopied). Name lists >from the work already
completed will be sent to volunteers to help them identify hard-to-read

Those thousands of indices pages, written in calligraphic and picturesque
Polish hand writing, are waiting for some good souls to decipher them and
register them on the web, for generations to come...

Even if you do not have a direct interest in Plock, your help will be
welcomed and appreciated.

I also need a volunteer to photocopy the last remaining microfilms
from the Russian period in one of the LDS libraries in the world.
Please help to disclose the traces of our ancestors in
beautiful Plock, near the Wisla riverside, where once we

Shalom v'eGmar Khatima Tova to you all.

Ada Holtzman

E-mail: ada01@netvision.net.il
Date: 07/25/98
Time: 07:36:01
Web site:http://www.geocities.com/Paris/Rue/4017/

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