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I am very pleased to announce that the second and third sets of extracts
from Tarnow are now available online through the JRI-PL website. These
records were transcribed by a volunteer at the Goldman Center in Israel
(Dorot) and then entered into the database by the Tarnow Shtetl volunteers.

The second submission covers the Birth records >from late 1849 through the
end of 1857, consisting of about 2000 records >from LDS film #0948420.
Together with our first submission (Births 1863-1870) this brings the
number of Tarnow Birth extracts online to over 5000. Since these records
have no index there is no way to get this information short of examining
each record on the microfilms. I have also gone back and made corrections
and additions to the original submission.

Once again we entered all of the information, not merely the child's name
and record number. Additional data includes gender, names of parents,
midwife, witness, date and remarks. The remarks, many of which were added
later (some as late as the 1930's) include such things as place of birth
outside of Tarnow, date of death, name changes, grandparent's names,
adoptive parents, religious conversions, and in some cases Polish Archive
reference numbers. When searching the JRI-PL website you will be rewarded
with matches on surnames in the witness and remarks fields in addition to
matches on the child's surname.

Thanks are due to the Goldman Center and all of the Tarnow Shtetl
volunteers who performed data entry for this database: Eric Adler, Judie
Goldstein, Pat Jortner, Shmuel Kehati, Calvin Kitay, Henry Kornhauser, Phil
Rose, and Michael Trapunsky.

The third submission covers the Marriage records >from 1848 through 1870,
although the early years are very sparse. Slightly over 1000 records were
entered by two very dedicated volunteers, Eric Adler and Leonard Schneider.
These records were extracted >from LDS film #0948422. Again, there is no
index for these records. Additional data entered includes age, town and
parents for both the bride and groom, and the rabbi, witnesses and location
of the ceremony.

As always these entries should be used as references which you should
verify on your own, as some errors may have crept in during transcription
and data entry.

We are hard at work on completing a set of Death extracts and a Death
Index; look for them soon!

Howard Fink
Tarnow Shtetl Coordinator

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